At Obromax, we help our existing customers with immediate after sales service and repair facilities throughout India.

Under Warranty

All Obromax™️ laboratory equipment are under warranty for 12 months from the date of installation for parts and 3 months for labor. Travel cost is not included under this warranty. During this period, we are sole responsible for repair or replace the malfunctioned part. This warranty is not applicable in certain conditions if equipment is found modified, tempered or repaired outside. This warranty also does not cover damage in transportation, routine maintenance, and damage from inappropriate use, natural disaster or acts of GOD.


We provide repair and maintenance services for all the equipment that we manufacture and supply. We cover all kinds of repairs services for temperature controllers, sensors, circuits, timer and pressure controllers etc. If there is severe repair needed, we send you a complete quote within 3 days after analysis the problem. If repair cost reaches beyond the economical limit, we send you an exchange price quote. If you need little modification or up gradation of purchased equipment, we also handle such queries.


Usually, breakout calls are attained through phone. One of our technical engineers is always available over phone to support you. If the equipment needs serious repair then we book your complaint and send our engineer at location where equipment is installed. If your equipment is installed in Delhi and NCR areas, the call is attained with-in 24 hours; outside this region then we take 2 to 4 days to attend the complaint and it depends upon the distance of location from our factory.


It is highly preferable way to keep your equipment safe from, to know our laboratory equipment AMC programs please contact our sales office.

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