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Special/ Advanced Accessories

1.Temperature Chart Recorder- These self-contained, easy-to-use recorders provide a permanent record of temperatures, using a precise, spiral-wound bi-metallic strip transducer. All models include an on/off switch, locking door and built-in slot for an optional tie-down cable and lock. All include one "AA" battery, pen, starter box of 60 charts and manual. All come standard with one-point NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration.

Digital Temperature Controller

Pen Accuracy: ± 2% full scale
Power Supply: One "AA" alkaline battery
Average Response Time: 11 min. to move 63% of scale
Chart Size: 4" Diameter
Dimensions: 7" x 5.5" x 2.5" (18cm x 14cm x 6.5cm)
Weight: 480g

Microprocessor based programmable Temperature - Our digital Controllers offer high speed, high precision, and multiple I/O and use a 5-digit, 3-row LCD display for high visual clarity.

Digital Temperature Controller
  • A short sampling period of 50 ms enables use in applications requiring high-speed response.

  • PV, SP, and MV data is displayed simultaneously in a 3-row, negative LCD display with a backlight.

  • Multi-loop control, cascade control, and proportional control are possible with a single Controller.

  • When using models with communications functions, initial settings can be downloaded and settings can be masked using Support Software (Thermo Tools).

  • Equipped with calculation functions as a standard (e.g., square root calculation and broken-line approximation).


High-speed Sampling at 50 ms-
Our Controller features high-speed sampling at 50ms per loop, making it ideal for flowrate, and pressure control. A square root function for flowrate control is available.
Stable Control in High - speed  response applications

Resolution of 0.01°C with Platinum Resistance Thermometers -
Analog inputs have a high accuracy of ±0.1%. The resolution when using platinum resistance thermometers is 0.01°C and is 1/43,000 for transfer and control outputs (between 4 and 20 mA). This allows measurements of temperature and humidity, fluctuation detection, and logging with environmental testing equipment to be performed at high resolution.

Platinum resistant thermometers

Universal Digital Data Recorder with Computer
Data Reader
Universal Digital Data Reader
  • Accepts Process Data on 2-wire serial port (RS-485) from Multiple Devices (Like proces Indicators, Controllers, Scanners etc.)
  • Formatted Recording of process Value, Alarm status, and Stepoint value with Time, Calender and date.
  • User Programmable Recording Interval from 0 - 250 Minutes (0- pause).
  • Continuous for Time Slot ( Hours/ Minutes) recording Modes.
  • Facility to view elapsedTime in Time Slot Recorfing Modes.
  • Smart Cable for Direct Interface to 80/132 Column Dot matrix Printer. Online Printing available.
  • Huge data storage capacity With Guaranteed data Retention Life of Greater than 10 years in absence of Power.
  • Facility to view number of Stored records, Free records and record storage capacity.
  • Well formatted Printout of recorded data with comprehensive Header.
  • Facility for Page - wise printing with Auto Page numbering and user settable top margin, bottom margin and page Length.
  • Automatic Page adjustment to ensure that No record is split on two pages while printing.
  • Facility to print Process value alarm conditions with underline.
  • Two in-built Independent alarms. Alarm-1 for record management and on-printer/ communication Error. Alarm-2, RTC based, for time bound operations.
  • User selectable Baud rate for serial communication.
  • PC connectivity
  • Front panel smart connector for easy data transfer to Data Carrier. No key operations required.

Data Carrier, Data Recorder and PC Software

Data Carrier - Zero powered. pocket size device- facilitates exraction of stored records for transportation to remote data reader.

Data Recorder - A sleek, tabletop device - is provided with one input and two output ports. The input port reads data from the attached data carrier. The printer port facilitates direct hard copy record of the data from data carrier on 80/132 column dot matrix printer. The PC communication port ( RS 232 C ) facilitates downloading data from data carrier to PC.

PC Software - A user friendly PC software package reviews and analyze data and enable you to generate records and plot graphs in a variety of ways.

Note :
We also manufacture fully Automatic PLC Based Sterilizers with Data Acquisition Systems with Customized Reporting & Validation Software.
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