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Salient Features Of Our Deluxe Vertical Sterilizer

  • Versatile usage
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Double Safety Radial Locking Arrangement
  • Double Safety Valve Protection
  • Hydraulic Testing Upto 2.5 times the working pressure
  • Calibration And Protocol Documentation


Our vertical Sterilizer is double walled units. Outer body of our Sterilizer is constructed out of thick gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. The inner chamber is also made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade. Our Sterilizers are air insulated from inside, however we may incorporate mineral glass wool insulation if the customer desires so. The strong lid constructed out of thick stainless steel plate has a double safety radial locking arrangement , which ensures an easy and smooth opening and closing operation for all our Sterilizers. Our deluxe vertical Sterilizers are ideally suited for hospitals and research labs where safety is the first priority of the users, since it is equipped with a double safety steam release valve. At the same time we test all our Sterilizers for up to 2.5 times the standard working pressure to ensure maximum safety and protection from any unfortunate incident. All our vertical Sterilizers are supplied complete with pressure gauge, pressure release valve and stainless steel basket as a standard feature.


The heating process in our deluxe vertical Sterilizer is done through specially designed water heaters of suitable wattage to ensure optimum sterilization time in every sterilization cycle.

Working Temperature:

As per the international standards and guidelines our vertical Sterilizer have a working temperature of 121 deg c. ,however for specific requirements our Sterilizers can be upgraded to be used for up to 134 deg c.

Working Pressure:

Working pressure for our standard vertical Sterilizer is 15 psi, however this can be upgraded to be used for higher pressures of up to 30 psi..

Pressure Range :

The normal pressure range of our Sterilizer is 5 psi to 20 psi

Pressure Control :

The pressure inside our vertical Sterilizer is controlled through a semi automatic electro mechanical device called piezostat, which controls the pressure inside the chamber and cuts of the current from the heater whenever the pressure exceeds the set pressure value of the Sterilizer, thus making it very safe and energy efficient.

Technical Features Of Deluxe Vertical Sterilizer

  • Hi-tech radial lock locking mechanism for ultimate ease of operation and safety.
  • Steam Release valve of Stainless Steel ensuring a long life of the equipment.
  • Huger grade spring loaded safety valve of brass, duly chrome plated.
  • Water Indication Gauge with stainless steel enclosure
  • High accuracy and reliable pressure gauge.
  • Lid opening mechanism: Foot operated (Paddle) lift

Standard Models (Inner Dimensions) :

Note: The above mentioned sizes are of our standard vertical sterilizer economy series. However we are fully capable to cater to the demand of any customized size for any special application.

Upgrades (Standard)

  • Timer With Alarm System: This semi automatic device can be incorporated with the standard models of our cement Sterilizer which helps the user to set the sterilization time of the system and do other tasks without bothering to monitor the sterilization cycle. This device cut off the current from the main system when the set value for a given sterilization cycle is attained and gives a loud audio alarm.
  • Digital Temperature Indicator : A solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator can be incorporated with our basic cement Sterilizer models for ease of monitoring the temperature of the Sterilizer from a distance through its large LED display, which is visible from quite a distance.
  • Programmable Temperature Controller : A programmable micro processor based temperature controller cum indicator can be incorporated in our basic cement Sterilizer models to pre program the sterilization cycle temperature with high amount of accuracy and reliability.
  • Chart Recorder : This a semi automatic self contained easy to use recording device, which permanently records the temperature is any given sterilization cycle of our cement Sterilizer on a graph sheet., with the help of a bimetallic strip transducer chip incorporated in the unit Technical Features : Chart size: 4” dia Accuracy: 2% (FSD) Response time: 12 mo\inutes
  • PLC control system:: Our standard plc control system is based on the hi-tech state of the art micro-processor circuit technology, ensuring a complete automatic operations along with high efficiency and great reliability . This computerized logic control system ensures a 100% automatic operation throughout the sterilization cycle of our cement Sterilizer. No intermediary human intervention is necessary after choosing the parameters and initiating the sterilization process in our Sterilizers.. The primary cycle phase and the actual parameters of our cement Sterilizer and along with set values are displayed on the LCD panel during the entire cycle progress.

    The main parameters of the process such as, temperature, pressure, time are controlled and displayed, on the LCD panel of the system. The ergonomically designed keyboard located on the front level enables the user to choose the desired program, initiate and terminate the cycle, and allows a trained technician to preset the main parameters using an access code. Our PLC control system is extremely easy to use, user friendly and fully programmable.

    For a elaborate and presentable documentation of cycle process, our logic control unit is provided with a diligent wipro/epson dot matrix printer, which is connected to the central microprocessor system.. The printer generates a hard copy of the printout of the relevant or desired information relating to the cycle operation like the pressure , sterilization time, temperature at any given/pre set time interval, vacuum, and drying time, number of cycles, number of pulsing etc.

    The standard cement Sterilizer with PLC control system is designed to operate up to six standard sterilization programs between 105 oC and 137 oC and two test programs optional. The desired programs can be easily selected by using the numeric keypad, provided at the front level, Apart from that other parameters such as air removal, sterilization and drying stages can be programmed with utmost ease.

Data Acquisition And Control System For Cement Sterilizer

This is unique module which can be incorporated with our cement Sterilizer to log in temperature and environment related data with a help of a data logger unit which has a pc connectivity by means of RS 232 C interface. This data is then analyzed and formatted with the help of our unique user friendly analysis software to enable the user to get a formatted and analyzed reports of various inputs during the full operation cycle of the equipment. This is an ideal module for pharmaceutical laboratories, process control applications and high research projects where maintaining a viable record of the performance of the equipment is very essential.


  • Our system incorporates multiple Devices such as in line process Indicators, environment scanners and temperature or humidity controllers.
  • Provides Astech cable for direct interface to any dot matrix or laser printer for online or offline data records printing
  • It has Bulk data storage capacity with high data retention life.
  • Facility to obtain nicely formatted print our of the logged data or records with proper headers.
  • Our system provided facility to program recording interval with various options to suit individual requirements.
  • It is provided with the feature to adjust or select baud rate for any serial communication port.
  • Our system is provided with user friendly custom developed software which obtains and analyze the data and facilitates the user to generate reports and graphs etc.

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